East Midlands Labrador Rescue



We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping Labradors looking for a new home 

Our Focus

We take our responsibilities seriously. We are very aware of the duty of care that we have both to the dogs that come into our rescue and to the adoptive families who take them on.

Who Are We 

East Midlands Labrador Rescue was founded by Harry Cook MBE in 1981, since then EMLR has re-homed over 6000 Labradors.
We are a non profit making organisation and all our funds come from donations and fundraising.

Whether you are looking to adopt a Labrador or need to find a new home for your dog, please contact us for more information.


At EMLR all dogs that come to us for re-homing receive a full veterinary examination, and the best kennelling or fostering whilst waiting to be adopted. We work very hard to match dogs to the most suitable home and environment.
The welfare and care of the Labradors that come into us is the most important part of the rescue.

Team Edward

Team Edward supports EMLR and is a registered charity. We are a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers and are dedicated to the re-homing of Labradors. Team Edward offers assistance to other dog rescues (non breed specific) and work closely with veterinary practices aiding individual cases. Our aim is simple........to help as many Labradors as possible who find themselves in need of a new forever home
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